Home Dashboard Page

The Home Dashboard page is displayed after logging in to gemRetailer. You can navigate from the Home Dashboard page to the other pages within gemRetailer, as authorized by your user ID.

At the top of the Home Dashboard page and all other pages are gemRetailer Header and the Menu bar.

The Lottery logo is a link to the Vermont Lottery website.

Dashboard information is displayed based on the user's type (chain, location, or lottery). Chain account users must select a location from the Menu bar to see information by individual location. Vermont Lottery users can see chain or location information by selecting the chain and/or location from the Menu bar.

New Instant Games

The New Instant Games section displays a revolving list of all Instant games started within the past sixty (60) days, and those scheduled to start within the next thirty (30) days. The display includes the game number, game name, start date, price point, pack value, and an image of the ticket.

A link embedded in each game name opens the Instant Games page on the Vermont Lottery’s website. You can also navigate to a specific game by clicking the arrow buttons or by selecting a page number from the drop-down field.


The News section contains a grid that displays news items posted by the Vermont Lottery. You can open a news item to see its complete content and any additional attachments. News items are displayed in a grid. Each row contains the date the news item was posted and its headline. Click the row containing the news headline to view its content and any attachments and images.

Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports section contains a grid that displays scheduled reports according to the user's type:

Each row in the grid is a scheduled report, and displays the report name, run frequency, format, and last run date. The Last Run date is a link that displays the scheduled report that was run on the date. The Last Run date link displays the report's most recent run date. (See Scheduled Reports.)


The Winners section displays information about $1,000+ winners claimed in the last seven days for winning tickets sold by an independent agent location or a, agent location within the corporation. Only information for claimed tickets is displayed for each winner: date, retailer, game name, and amount.

How Do I...

View the most recently run scheduled report?

View a news item?