Change Password Page

Users can change their passwords at any time. All users will be required to change their passwords every sixty (60) days. The system will post an alert ten (10) days before the password is set to expire. Users who do not change their passwords by the expiration date are re-routed to the Change Password page and cannot continue using gemRetailer until the password is changed.

Change a Password

1. Enter your current password in the Current Password field. (If your password was reset by the password administrator, enter the default password assigned by the password administrator.)

2. Enter your current password in its correct case.

3. Enter your new password in the New Password field. It must meet the following conditions:

4. Enter the new password in Confirm New Password field exactly as entered in New Password field.

5. Click .

If the system displays errors, correct the errors and click again.

The system displays the expiration date/time of the new password.